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Welcome to "RAIN Annual Conference 2003"

-- "XDE in practice" - Per-Erik Padron, Perago

-- "UML 2.0" - Gunnar Övergaard, Jaczone

-- "FAQ and Rational Developer Network", Joseph Lama, Rational


Date: Tue 25 Mar 2003 at 09:00

Place: NCC Nordic Forum (Valhall), Torshamnsgatan 35, Kista

Phone: +46 (0)8-566 282 00

Charge: FREE

Registration: Send e-mail to meeting2003-03-25@rain-oo.org

08:30 Registration and Coffee/Tea

09:00 "Opening" - Johan Wallentin, Chairman RAIN

09:10 "Rational News" - Anders Torelm, Nordic Director Rational

09:30 "XDE in practice" (part 1) - Per-Erik Padron, Perago

With Rational XDE you can draw UML-models and generate code in a more

effective way than before using code patterns and templates. The

presentation will show how Rational's roadmap for .NET-applications can

generate a web-application from UML-descriptions. This roadmap consists of

new description tecnics like user experience models. It will also show how

the selection of architecture mix into different disciplines and how RAS can

be used to increase reuse in application development.

10:15 Break with Coffee/Tea.

10:45 "XDE in practice" (part 2) - Per-Erik Padron, Perago

11:30 Free Lunch for RAIN members

12:45 "Annual Meeting" - Selection of the next RAIN Board

13:30 "UML 2.0" - Gunnar Övergaard, Jaczone

The Unified Modeling Language (UML) has become the notation of choice among

application developers but all agree it has much room for improvement. The

next version of the technology, UML 2.0, will address many of the problem

areas, like action semantics, component-based development, diagram exchange

and simplify the language.


Gunnar is recognized as a leading authority on Unified Modeling Language

(UML) and a prime mover in the world of Object Technology. Several

commercial firms and other organizations are collaborating on hammering out

specifications for UML 2.0. They have come together to form the U2 Partners

consortium. Members include Alcatel, Computer Associates, Enea Business

Software, Ericsson, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, I-Logix, Iona, Jaczone, Kabira

Technologies, Motorola, Oracle, Rational Software, Softeam, Telelogic,

Unisys and WebGain.

14:30: Break with Coffee/Tea.

15:00: "FAQ and Rational Developer Network", Joseph Lama - Responsible Support, Rational

Joseph will inform members about product fixes, frequently asked questions,

work arounds, Developer network and try to answer specific support questions

concerning Rational's tools.

16:00 End of Conference

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