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RAIN http://www.rain-oo.org welcomes YOU to a group meeting 
on the theme "It's a CLEARCASE"

Date: Wed 6 Dec 2000 at 15:00 until 18:00. 
Place: Rational Software, Skalholtsgatan 10, Kista, Room Utö 
Phone: +46 (0)8-566 282 00
Registration: Send e-mail to mailto:meeting2000-12-06@rain-oo.org 
Charge: FREE

This is an excellent opportunity for you to meet other people with the same interest and 
experiences in ClearCase. The presentations are in english. 


"Storing Products in ClearCase", Markus Jansen, Ericsson 
ClearCase can be used, not only to store source files, but also to store any files including 
complete software products like compilers, operating systems and modelling tools. 
This gives you the opportunity to put your whole environment under version control. 

"ClearCase in a Multiplatform development environment", Mats Nilsson, Enea OSE
OSE is a real time operating system with extremely high demands on quality and stability. 
To meet these demands the OSE development process is currently rewised to produce an 
even higher quality product faster in future releases. This includes introduction of ClearCase 
for configuration management, MultiSite for geographically distributed development and a 
new build support system using ClearMake.

16:30: Break with Coffe and refreshments.

"ClearCase in a High-Availability Cluster", Peter Imhagen, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young and Klas Wittheden, Syren Software. 
This presentation will describe the implementation of a HA-cluster in a large ClearCase environment. 
At some companies ClearCase is the most importand end-user application with very high demands on 
availability. A hardware failure should not stop the whole project. This presentation will describe the 
implementation of a HA-cluster in a large ClearCase environment. 

"What's New in ClearCase", Henrik Westrell, Rational
A quick look at the latest news including the new ClearCase LT product. 

18.00 End of group meeting

RAIN (Rationals användarförening i Norden) invites members to seminars by mail.
This information is sent a couple of weeks before every meeting. If you don't
want to participate in this mailing or if you to want to change your member
information you can notify us via mail to mailto:mailmaster@rain-oo.org.

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