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Dear RAIN member,
RAIN is proud to invite YOU to a group meeting about "Modeling The Next Millennium".
This is an extraordinary chance to look in to the future what Rational Technology Will offer during the next year. You can prepare your project already Now for what Will come during The Next Millennium.
Date: Thu 16th December 1999 at 15:00
Place: Rational Software, Skalholtsgatan 10, Kista
Phone: +46 (0)8-566 282 00
Registration: Register or send e-mail to mailto:meeting1999-12-16@rain-oo.org
Charge: FREE
15.00 "Rose 2000" - Mats Göthe, Development Manager, Rose Business Unit.
Mats will show us how the new Rose-2000 supports Visual Studio developers and And how to visualize COM-Components, Template driven Code-generation, Editing of Code Templates and ATL / IDL-modelling in VC++.
15.50 Break with refreshments
16.00 "RUP 5.5" - Maria Ericsson, Author of the book "The Object Advantage".
Maria will cover what is in the 5.5 release of RUP about web-development,
Implement in organization, project management and understanding workflows.
If you still using RUP 4.x this is a nice way to upgrade your knowledge.
Maria is a part of the team that develops the Rational Unified Process and
Together with Ivar Jacobson co-author of the book "The Object Advantage".
She has worked as a mentor with customers of Objectory and Rational for four
And a half years in the US, but is since January -99 based in Sweden again.
16.50 Short break
17.00 "UML at rumtime" - Jan Nordén, Senior Software Architect, BoldSoft AB.
Jan will talk about implementing UML at runtime. To use the programming language To supplement UML in areas like Action semantics and GUI design. He will cover Model-driven object representation and persistence and give a demonstration of How to directly execute a Rose model using ModelRun(tm).
Jan Nordén is a Senior Software Architect at BoldSoft AB. He has spent most of his 20 years in the industry developing and enhancing tools, from compilers, via extensions To 4-GL tools, via code-generated frameworks to model-driven frameworks.
18.00 End of group meeting
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