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RAIN http://www.rain-oo.org welcomes YOU to a group meeting on
the theme "Business Engineering With Rational Tools In Reality".
This is an excellent occasion to meet other People with interest and
experiences of BE projects and BE tools.
Date: Tue 1st June 1999 at 15:00.
Place: Rational Software, Skalholtsgatan 10, Kista, http://www.rain-oo.org/rational.htm
Phone: +46 (0)8-566 282 00.
Registration: Register or send e-mail to mailto:meeting990601@rain-oo.org
Charge: FREE
This is a great chance for you to meet other developers,
consultants and users interested in this area. We hope that this
will initiate several more seminars about Business Engineering.
15:00 Introduction - short about RAIN (Conny Westh, MagicIT)
15:10 Rationals BE products and concept (Gunnar Magnusson, Rational
Software) - Gunnar will talk about BE-tools from Rational
16:30 BE in practice (Mikael Brändemar, Mijada) - Mikael will talk more
about the real world use of BE. He will also end his session with some
questions of his own. The audience is encurraged to ask him questions about BE.
17:15-17:30 End of group meeting
There will be breaks with some refreshments during the presentation.
Gunnar Magnusson works at Rational Software Nordic AB as the product manager
for Rational BE tools. He also has great practical experience of Business
Mikael Brändemar works at Mijada and is specialized with working with
Business Engineering. He will talk about how he has successfully implemented
Buiness Engineering with help of the tools from Rational Software and
especially the BE tool.
These presentations will show us a BE approach and how it has
been used practically in a real project.
RAIN (Rationals användarförening i Norden) invites members to
seminars by mail. This information is sent a couple of weeks
before every meeting. If you don't want to participate in this
mailing or if you to want to change your member information you
can notify us via mail to mailto:mailmaster@rain-oo.org.
Send mail to webmaster@rain-oo.org with questions or comments about this web site.
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