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About ROSE

Right after Lucia, the 15th of December to be more precise, 35 RAIN members gathered for another group meeting. The subject was ROSE and experiences from working in a ROSE environment. The program for the event was as follows:

  • News in ROSE98i - Josef Lama from Rational
  • "Maximise Requisite Pro" - Björn Eilertsen from Siemens-Elema
  • "High level design in ROSE" - Thomas Nilsson from Improflex (consultant, hired by Siemens-Elema)
  • "Realisation with ROSE" - Örjan Altebro from Cap Gemini (consultant, hired by Siemens-Elema)

As usual we were also served sandwiches and beverages in a break to


Josef started of telling us that Rational from now on releases products according to "the Microsoft model". This means that ROSE98i will be released in early 1999. He didn't say if the new release strategy implies that they will also drop an infinite number of "service packages" after the release... :-)
Unfortunately, Josef couldn't show any screen shots of the changes in the GUI since we then would have to sign a formal commitment that we would not tell anyone else what we had been shown. Luckily we had access to both whiteboard and pens to let Josef draw "virtual screen shots" in order to give us a complete picture of the graphical changes.

The rest

Everyone who thought that we then would get a traditional presentation in three parts with no connection between the parts (me for example) were shown to be completely wrong. The first thing Björn, Thomas and Örjan did was to change the title of the presentation to "Från krav till produkt" ("From requirements to product"). After that, somewhat unusual start, they began telling us about their processes and environment at Siemens-Elema and how they integrate ROSE in their everyday work.

Their method for keeping us awake was to constantly change change speaking person and to involve the two that were not speaking at the moment so that all three of them in fact talked almost all the time. I don't know if it was the subject or their new (for me at least) way of performing, but I stayed awake for sure (and I am a notorious seminar sleeper otherwise).

What they really talked about

Björn started with an overview of the work flow and explained the reasons why they decided to buy ROSE. The main reason was to processify the work in order to get less dependent on specific consultants, to be able to stand up to the demand of 10 years of product maintainability. The development work is very focused on product requirements and has a strong need for systematic approach.

Thomas said that he is real happy for the work Björn does, acting as a filter towards the German people who are very good at producing lots and lots of documents. The use case models are not enough to describe all requirements, a document with supplementary requirements is needed as a complement. The accuracy of the use cases is very important. When Thomas takes over the use cases, they have to be at least 90% correct.

Örjan claimed to be a self made designer and not very orthodox in his approach to the process and the tools. He does the actual implementation of what has been described by Björn and Thomas. Örjan emphasised the importance of reviews between the phases that the three represented. Since Örjan represented the design phase, we ended up in discussions regarding design, test and test tools.

Björn then showed how they use Requisite Pro for keeping track of requirements, but also for handling trouble reports. His best advise to anyone who is going to use advanced tools is to NOT upgrade any tool during the project unless it is really needed or gives a direct pay off.

Sanwiches were good, coffee ok, nice and competent people to mingle with. It all turned out to be a real pleasant afternoon with nice people and a lot of valid information that can spawn new ideas and solutions.

/Christian Pendleton

Invitaton Agenda

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