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Group meeting about Software Reuse

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The Software Reuse meeting gathered about 30 members. Lars Fredholm started the meeting talking about RAIN. He said that the association now has doubled its size to 229 members. He also mentioned some of the board activities and that they are constantly looking for speakers, If you know of a speaker send a message to speaker@rain-oo.org

Adriana Prieto presented the agenda and the practical details of the meeting. After that she introduced Johan Näsman from Rational. He answered questions about Rational products for about 10 minutes.

m1998-11-03PatrikJonssonDoc.jpg (22404 bytes)            Adriana announced the evenings main speaker Partik Jonsson from IT-arkitekterna. Partik Jonsson has a long history of working at Rational together with Ivar Jacobsson. He is together with Ivar one of the coauthors of the books OOSE (Object Oriented System Engineering)  and Software Reuse.

Partik started by describing his book Software Reuse and let the audience drive his presentation by telling what areas they thought he should cover. This intuitive way of holding the presentation was very popular.

He described paths to scalable Reuse where Components and Component Based Development is important. Business Reuse and the management acceptance is one of the keys. For those who was not familiar with RUP (Rational Unified Process) he held a briefing on UML and RUP. He even had the guts to say that some of his diagrams where better done than Rationals.

Patrik Jonsson, IT-Arkitekterna

Adriana announced a short break with beer and sandwiches.

m1998-11-03PatrikJonssonHalvfigur2.jpg (26505 bytes)

When the audience have had some refreshments Partik continued with what is Architecture and how to model a layered Architecture. Partik then explained that Developing Reusable Components is a different business than building applications. This requires handling several Processes in a Reuse Business, with the establishment of family and architecture teams.

In order to achive a predictable Reuse it is nececerry to trace Requirements variability to Component variability. Partik explained that it is possible to have a proactive or a reactive approach. This topic raised questions about how to model Variation points in Requirements. Another question was if all Reuse should be done in code contra reusing design patterns (templates).

m1998-11-03Publik4a.jpg (25014 bytes)

We also learned that in order to gain Reuse in the organisation you must have Financial Models that shows management the benefits of component Reuse. Patrik ended the presentation showing some steps to achive this. Talking to several attendees confirmed my opinion that this was a very interesting seminar and that Partik held a very good and professional presentation.

You can reach Patrik by mail: patrik.jonsson@it-arkitekterna.se

Conny Westh, MagicIT AB

Book references:
ISBN 0-201-92476-5, Software Reuse: Architecture, Process and Organization
for Business Success Ivar Jacobson, Martin Griss, Patrik Jonsson.
ISBN: 0-201-54435-0, Object-Oriented Software Engineering - A Use Case
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