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- The very first group meeting!

1998-06-02gruppbild.jpg (35370 bytes)

If you were not one of the participants of the first group meeting arranged by RAIN; I can only feel sorry for you. Especially if you are working with object oriented modelling.

Start - Adriana Prieto

1998-06-02adriana.jpg (14294 bytes) We started with Adriana that gave all relevant information about coffee breaks, when doors were to be locked, toilet placements and that we were already rescheduled with a later end of the meeting than what was announced. Then she announced the first speaker:


"The Rational Approach in practice" - Thomas Guggenbichler (Frontec)


1998-06-02thomasguggenbichler.jpg (26952 bytes) Thomas has been working quite a while with Rational's products ROSE and ROP and shared a lot of his practical experiences. One was that the tools are very important. They have to be used early in the project and be functional when you start to work with them to make the process work. To demonstrate this, Thomas even showed a practical example from RL (RealLife) with ROSE, including code generation (!). The windows swished all over the screen as he actually generated code right before our eyes.

The best things about ROP and ROSE, according to Thomas is that the model and the implementation always are synchronised, even though Frontec does not work with reverse-engineering in ROSE. Thomas also praised God (or whom he might have meant) for coloured source code since ROSE generates a heavy load of comment lines, among which you have to find the "real code"… Other big advantages with ROP and ROSE are that you can build LARGE models without problems and that a lot of designers can work with the system at the same time.

However, switching from Booch to UML gave a LOT of work according to Thomas.

"pROPs" - Anders Gymnander (AU-System)

1998-06-02anders3.jpg (8150 bytes) The next speaker, Anders Gymnander from AU-System started of with a short commercial break (just like TV…) before he shared his experiences from integrating ROP with Ericsson's project management method PROPS. Anders has been using ROP for about six months and is supported by a company decision that AU-System not should develop their own processes.

Anders first listed a few items that has been important in the work with making PROPS and ROP together:

  • PROPS is minimised for the ordinary projects at AU-System.
  • The main focus and mechanisms in ROP has not been violated.
  • ROP lacks in support for management, that is what PROPS is for.
  • The whole new integrated method is presented on the intranet of AU-System with clickable activities and documents that takes the user to templates and work instructions, sometimes in PROPS on-line or ROP.

Does it work? Yes, Anders knows since his team at AU-System is using the method. Anders also gave an example from RL where AU-System acted as a subproject to a larger development project at Ericsson. We also got a lesson in how a Call Centre works.

Finally, Anders told us about his experiences from introducing the new method in the organisation, and what he thinks are the central parts of ROP.

The final, ROP v5.0 - Per Kröll (Rational)

1998-06-02perkroll.jpg (7326 bytes) During both these presentations, Per Kröll from Rational's HQ in California sat in the back listening carefully. When he started his presentation, the first thing he said was that this is confidential information until the 15th of June. He then presented the main news of version 5.0 of ROP that is to be delivered in the end of this year. However, there will be a ß-release available from the 15th of June.

Per was very interested in the experiences that Thomas and Anders had been showing us and asked us if there were anything else that we wanted to see in future versions of ROP. This is one of the man advantages with a user group and it felt very good to get this direct line for feed back.

Well, we almost kept the remade schedule that Adriana presented (leaving Rational at 18.30). We look forward to more meetings. CU there!

/Christian Pendelton, AU-System

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