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Danish Rational User Group, DRUG




Contact Information

Postal address
RAIN, Rationals Användarförening i Norden (Rational User Group Nordic)
Box 5058
SE-102 42 Stockholm
Telephone to the some members of the board (Add @rain-oo.org at end of emailaddress)
(As a SPAM-protection we have excluded @rain-oo.org at each of our emailaddresses below, just add it to get an valid emailaddress)
+46 (0)8-458 99 00, Johan Wallentin, Current Chairman of the board, johan.wallentin
+46 (0)8-462 30 74, Lars Fredholm, Founder, Former Chairman of the board, lars.fredholm
+46 (0)8-643 95 48, Conny Westh, Founder, Webmaster, conny.westh
+46 (0)70-378 14 32, Maria Persson, Treasurer, maria.persson
+46 (0)8-462 30 79
Please sponsor RAIN by sending a humble $ 39 or € 29/year money donation to our account, Main sponsors please send $ 8000 or € 6000/year. 

Payment can easy be processed by sending it direct from your bank to our SWIFT(BIC/IBAN) account below.

Postal giro/Postgiro
No: 134 35 78-9

Information about the SWIFT-Consortiums  BIC and IBAN:

BIC (Bank Identifier Code): NDEASESS, Nordea Bank Sweden, SE-105 71 Stockholm

IBAN (International Bank Account Number): SE94 9500 0099 6034 1343 5789

Swedish organisationsnumber: 802405-7856

Electronic mail
Automatic reply EMail
General information about RAIN info
News by mail news
Statutes by mail statutes
FAQ faq
Manual reply EMail
Webmaster webmaster
Chairman of the board chairman
All boardmembers (including deputy members) board
Accountants (Revisorer) accountant
Treasurer treasurer
The boards Secretary secretary

Send mail to webmaster@rain-oo.org with questions or comments about this web site.
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