What does it mean for RAIN that Rational has become IBM Rational?


RAIN is a user group which final aim are to make it possible for RAINs members to share knowledge whithin all the disciplines that Rational Unified Process embrace. RAIN also tries to be a natural voice towards IBM Rational when RAINs members would like to air their opinions.

RAIN has been a user group for a long time and during all that time we have always had a very good relationsship whith Rational. Rational have supported RAIN whith both economic aid and good speakers in the past.


Will RAIN be influenced by the fusion between IBM and Rational?


RAINs mission to contribute in improving the knowledge in our profession is of course not affected by co-operation between two companies. Knowlede are totally independent from the actions that are made by the actors on the marketplace. It goes whithout saying that steps taken on the marketplace could affect on how we will be developing software in the future. But this is something we all are use to in our profession and we always hope that changes will make it possible for us to develop better software.


So the answer to the question must be that RAIN doesn’t think the fusion between IBM and Rational will concern us as a User Group. 


Johan Wallentin

Johan Wallentin, 070-3474287

Chairman of the RAIN board